Off India St. in Little Italy, Civico 1845 Italian Restaurant is a place you don’t want to miss when you’re visiting San Diego.

From the quaint, village-like outdoor seating that greats you, to the friendly wait staff — it’s an experience for the senses and satisfaction for the soul…and stomach. Instantly, you’re transported to an Italian countryside, with the hustle of the kitchen heard in the background, and chatter buzzing among tables. Wine glasses filled to varying levels, and loving eyes shared by diners.

Our server was with us quickly, giving us the day’s recommendations with ease. As an antipasti, we ordered calamari fritti — lightly fried calamari and zucchini served with arrabiata sauce and aioli.

A light Civico Spritz served as a refreshing drink.

The Main Entree at Civico 1845 Italian Restaurant

As a main entree, I ordered the Raviolo Classico, which included homemade ricotta cheese, spinach, and creamy tomato sauce. Barrett ordered Ravioli All’aragosta, which included handcrafted ricotta cheese and lobster stuffed ravioli, cherry tomato, and Calabrian chili.

I tried both and must say my preference was with the Raviolo Classico. It was simply perfect. The red tomato sauce was sweet and slightly tangy, while the ricotta cheese was a perfect balance. Although stuffed by the end, I wanted to be able to eat more, more, more!

Although I don’t always try the raviolo at Italian restaurants, I must say this is the best I’ve ever tasted. If I had an Italian grandmother, this is how I would hope her cooking would taste.

Unfortunately, we were too full for dessert, as we were eating and drinking our way through San Diego.

Next time we visit San Diego, I already have a few more items on my list I want to try at Civico 1845 Italian Restaurant — including the Olive Marinate, Pappardelle Brasato, and Scialatielli Civico.

Is it wrong to eat at the same place twice in one trip?

Civico 1845 Italian Restaurant - Ravioli All'aragosta
Ravioli All’aragosta — Handcrafted ricotta cheese and lobster stuffed ravioli, cherry tomato, and Calabrian chili.