Before seeing The Drowsy Chaperone with Bruce Vilanch I didn’t read any show notes, so I wasn’t familiar with what would unfold.

In the end, I was thrilled!

Initially, I purchased tickets after seeing Bruce Vilanch’s name up in lights. Familiar with his work as the master behind the mistress herself, miss Bette Midler — writing some of her show scripts, and name appearances.

What is life but a joke?

As each scene unfolds in the plot, you’re transported to a world within a world. The Drowsy Chaperone with Bruce Vilanch takes you into the mind of a man sad and looking for the remedy — the mind of the Man in Chair himself.

The sarcasm, the satire, the breaking of the fourth wall — all the tackiness of Broadway, and making it even brighter.

What good is life if you can’t poke a little fun?

The Drowsy Chaperone with Bruce Vilanch: The Performance

There was something soothing about Bruce Vilanch’s performance.

He was kind, he was understanding, he was enthralled, he was excited. A performance that made me believe, through and through, that this man saw his life, his hope, through the stage.

Through the storytelling of the stage, the Man in Chair found purpose.

Maybe there’s a bit of magic behind a character electrified by an Emmy Winner? Not just a single Emmy winner either. A winner of six.

A Time to Reminisce

The Drowsy Chaperone gave me pause to think about the stories that give me life. The stories that fill me with a spark of adventure.

Although you’re introduced to themes that only exist in the world of the Man in Chair, you can’t help but compare.

For me, some of these potent pieces that give flight to my mind were all brought back to the surface.

I liked that.