It wasn’t our intention to visit the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park, but it happened.

The gorgeous building’s exterior beckoned us to enter, so we did.

It was $15 a person, we were handed a map, and on our way. I love art museums. I’ve been to many. From The Met in New York City to Sacramento’s very own Crocker Art Museum.

This museum tops the list with the most terrifying art docents. Turtle-necked, mustached, 20-30-year-old men. A semi-breed of my own. At each corner they stood guard over the museum’s artwork, once, making sure I knew not to take photos of certain photos. At least I was told it wasn’t a capital offense and I wasn’t going to jail. That made me feel more comfortable. I even offered to delete the photos if needed, but it wasn’t necessary. Middle-aged women aren’t as terrifying. These art docents were on the hunt. The serious hunt for any mischief on their watch.

After coming to terms with the familiar feeling of reverting back to a child in art museums, I started to become comfortable.

The San Diego Museum of Art is spectacular!

The building alone is a gigantic work of art and in each of its corridors and rooms — filled to the brim with timeless, priceless works of art. Including the likes of Salvador Dalí and more!

We didn’t visit the additional “Art & Empire: The Golden Age of Spain” exhibit, but it looked exceptional.

Gallery highlights for me included the Art of Devotion display, Art of East Asia, Spectacle & Satire, and Renaissance to Realism. There is art on display for everyone through all eras.

Within The San Diego Museum of Art there are also various benches where you can sit and ponder some of the major displays. It’s always nice to get a little breather while being surrounded by timeless pieces of creativity.