Toy Story 4 brings the end of a saga to hearts everywhere.

We watched the film at the Esquire IMAX Theatre and found ourselves during moments gasping for breath. Like seriously, dying of laughter. At one point, I thought I might never stop laughing.

Overall, the movie brought with it all you would hope to see — Woody and Buzz bring their friendship to life on the big screen, Bo Peep is along for the adventure, and the rest of the gang are up for fun in shenanigans abroad.

Did I tear up a few times during the movie? Yes.

What is it about toys and the joy they bring to children so special? This is where Toy Story 4 continues to pack a punch. Child after child improving their lives after a toy enters the picture.

All in all, there were about two moments in the film where I thought it was maybe dragging along a bit too far. Perhaps this is because I’m childless and a full-grown adult visitig a theater to see a kids movie?

I’m not sure, but it wasn’t anything overly annoying.

At this point, I’m only sad to see this movie series end. A set of films so profoundly engrained in mind and heart from child to now — 25 years and generation upon generation living the adventure.

Take care, Woody and Buzz.