Ad Astra is one of those movies that makes you squirm. It’s unsettling. The sounds. The large visuals of space.

A few times during the movie, I felt myself sitting there gritting my teeth, anxious at what might unfold next.

*** WARNING: Spoilers Ahead ***

Brad Pitt stars in Ad Astra as the lonely man who misses his father (Tommy Lee Jones), staring into space for most of the duration of two hours.

There was a lot of lonely time in this movie for Brad Pitt.

Although short, Tommy Lee Jones gives a rousing performance in Ad Astra.

Sprinkled and teased throughout the beginning and middle, Tommy Lee Jones pops up for a hot minute at the end of the film in full force. His eye catches the camera a few time with true madness, anger, and regret, and it’s terrifying.

Liv Tyler also showed up every once in a while. She is always pining for her love. Kind of like in the Lord of the Rings movies. Why does Live Tyler always look like she’s been crying for long periods?

In the end, we find that the answer is that there is no intelligent life in the universe. We’re all we’ve got. I liked this conclusion, as this is something I’ve always felt. Yes, there could be life in the universe, but does it matter? There could be intelligent life many millions of lightyears away, but it could still be virtually impossible for them to visit us within any one of our lifetimes.

Again, what matters are the people we can see, feel, and touch.

The people who are here. Right now.

A gentle reminder to let go about the worry of the “what if,” and also people in our lives. Even those we love that have passed. Remember them fondly, and move on with gratitude and purpose.

Although the movie relied on a few cheap scares to fill a film where not too much happens, it was still entertaining. I love anything revolving around space and anything that gives me a few visual landscapes of the universes.

It’s not as good as Interstellar, and I’ll fight you on that.