Pizza Supreme Being currently has five stars on Yelp and is literally one block from my apartment — so I had to try it.

Priding itself as craft sourdough pizza by the slice and whole pie, it’s great to see the dough is natural, cheese is house-shredded, and tomato sauce is local and organic.

Their choices include Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, and Vegan Cheese pizza.

We went with a 20″ whole pie half-and-half, with half pepperoni and half Hawaiian. The pepperoni is three cheese blend and organic tomato sauce, and the Hawaiian is spam, jalapeno, pineapple, three cheese blend, and organic tomato sauce.

Ordering Pizza Supreme Being with DoorDash

Since this was the first time ordering from Pizza Supreme Being, it was a great time to use DoorDash for the first time.

I had the app on my phone, and it was listed as an ordering option on the restaurant website.

I chose the 20″ half-and-half pizza, left a 15% tip for the Dasher, and was given a free credit by DoorDash since it was my first order.

Within 45 minutes, the Dasher was ringing our doorbell with the pizza in hand. I also ordered a Dr. Pepper and housemade ranch. Two perfect items to go with pizza!

I’ve been to New York City and I’ve tried authentic New York City pizza. Thin slice NYC style, and Italian-NYC style. In Downtown Sacramento, this pepperoni pizza was just about as close as you can get to an authentic New York City thin slice pizza, but sourced with local ingredients.


Overall, the pepperoni was my favorite. The Hawaiian style slices were delicious, they were just a little heavy for my personal taste. The pepperoni, however, was absolutely splendid. Perfect. The crust was baked to perfection. Pepperoni pieces slightly crusted and touched by fire. Yes, it’s greasy. But that’s the point.

Don’t forget — the whole pie pizza is HUGE! At 20″ it feeds 4-6 people.

I haven’t tried the Grandma-style squares on fluffy sourdough focaccia, but it’s on the list. Pizza Supreme Being may become my new lunch-time place for a quick slice or square.

Don’t tell my husband! I’ll be back.