A stroll through Seaport Village in Downtown San Diego is delightful. Touristy. But delightful.

We didn’t feel a huge draw by anything from Seaport Village, but we enjoyed its charm and vibrancy.

I’m also not someone who purchases a lot of keepsakes, charms or travel gifts, and the majority of the shopping pertains to touristy items.

We walked the perimeter first and noticed there were a few different options for food and drinks.

Mostly Mexican food and margaritas at Seaport Village.

Psychics, rock stackers, and other healings make the pathways near the village their home. Stop by one of the practitioners to hear more about your future.

There was also a cute restaurant and bar you could visit out on a pier in front of the village tucked among fishing piers used by actual fishermen.

The inside portion of Seaport Village is full of beautiful trees that provide gorgeous, cool foliage above the cobblestone below. The colors from the various galleries and their art added to the scene.

It was a sleepy day on the ocean but we saw a very large ship carrying anti-radar equipment pass by, in addition to a military helicopter.

The Coronado Bridge stands proud in the distance.

Not every place needs to be right in your face to be understood. Seaport Village is one of those places. It’s understated. Quiet. It’s a bit old. There are many stories and memories painted on the roadways nearby.

In my next trip back to San Diego I’m going to make sure I carve out some time to have dinner in the village. Hopefully at a location looking out into the bay along the waterfront. After dinner, I can take a walk, grab an ice cream, browse the talented artwork tucked among the many galleries, and create yet another memory.

This is a place that doesn’t impede.