Yes, it was close to our hotel. Yes, it’s a taco shack. But Super Tacos at 4113 Cedar Ave. in South Lake Tahoe right off the path from the casinos is precisely what’s needed if you’re looking for a quick place to eat.

Either grab a taco and go or sit on the outdoor patio with benches and umbrellas.

Super Tacos isn’t the place for you if you’re concerned with fancy. Super Tacos is about authentic, warm, handmade Mexican food goodness.

I ordered your classic steak tacos and a cheese quesadilla. Both inexpensive and made-to-order. Don’t forget the side of sour cream! I’m a fiend for the stuff. All of it comes out of the little service window piping hot in the blink of an eye, fill yourself up, and head out on your way. On to the next Tahoe adventure!

Skip Taco Bell next time you’re in South Lake Tahoe and need a place to grab a bite.