With over 100+ cars on display, the California Automobile Museum is quite the sight to behold.

Tucked in a corner between the river and freeway off Front Street, you’ll find the museum collection held in a giant warehouse. Tens of thousands of square feet of cars.

Antique cars, newer cars, 80’s cars, foreign cars, and more.

My father-in-law is a huge car buff and builder, so it was on his recommendation we first visit. Took a walk and visited. Although a Sacramento local, I wasn’t even aware the museum existed until he mentioned wanting to make a visit.

Favorite cars everywhere at the California Automobile Museum.

It was fun to see everything from a Ford Model T to a Lamborghini, in addition to the many fun foreign cars on display. When we visited, there was a special exhibit featuring mini-cars from Europe. Little vans, mini-race cars and more.

My husband’s favorite car was in the Europian mini-car display area, and it was a tiny Subaru van. Absolutely adorable, and absolutely tiny.

One thing I enjoy about the California Automobile Museum is that there are docents available who will give you a tour, or it’s easy enough to browse the museum on your own without any guidance.

Ultimately we spent around an hour and a half at the museum browsing around, although we probably could have spent a bit longer.

Leaving the museum.

An event was being set up while we visited, and just before exiting, I ran into a few folks I’ve worked with from the American Red Cross. They were setting up a fundraising event in one of the auto halls. What a great setting for a fundraising evening – surrounded by antique cars!

Now that I’ve visited, I’m excited to bring the two nephews, my sister, and little brother. They’ll love the many cars on display right here locally in Sacramento!