Art aside, the Crocker Art Museum building alone is gorgeous.

My husband visited previously with my cousin, but it took some time before I visited myself after moving to downtown Sacramento.

On our daily walks, we also pass the building almost every time, so I found it odd it took so long to walk through the doors.

On a lovely Sacramento day, we visited with my sister-in-law. First entering, the woman at the front desk offered many discounts if a student, use a certain bank account, etc…I paid full price. Support the arts!

First, we wandered aimlessly but soon learned the Crocker Art Museum is much larger and has a much more complicated floorplan than one might anticipate.

Referring to the map, we began to find our bearings.

The variety at the Crocker Art Museum is astonishing.

After a solid hour wandering the halls of the Crocker Art Museum you’ll soon find there is a fantastically wide and varied collection of different art mediums, styles, and time-periods.

Fine art, large paintings, sculptures, hanging pieces, and more. Some imaginable, and some unimaginable. One of my favorite large installments was a row of large bears peeing in urinals. All in a variety of colors.

My imagination was captured by a large sculpture of a woman and a donut.

The museum has many winding corridors and levels, so make sure to plan on having a few hours available to see the entirety of the grounds. Don’t forget to also pay heed to the beauty of the building. From intricate floorwork to doors created by master craftsman, you’ll find something stunning around every corner woven into the walls, ceilings, and floors.

After spending a few hours browsing we decided to leave — but still had a bit more we hadn’t yet explored.

It will take one more trip to see the rest of the collection.


Crocker Art Museum - Artwork
Crocker Art Museum - Hallway of Art