When a new restaurant or business fills in one of the current gaps on K Street, it’s a good day.

Kodaiko Ramen & Bar, from chefs Takumi Abe and Billy Ngo, is one of those new fillings, and also makes a day right. Or even exceptional. Tucked off K Street at 718 in Downtown Sacramento — stopped by on a Friday evening the same week they opened on Monday. Steps from the DOCO (Downtown Commons)!

You enter by stepping down basement steps, where the atmosphere is immediately cool, and dark. Cellar-like. Without reservations, still seated quickly at the bar. With a busy group of kitchen staff, it’s always a fun experience getting to see how the facility operates. Nimble and quick like a beehive they were!

What to order at Kodaiko Ramen & Bar?

Along with small plates, your ramen options are tonkotsu-gyokai (pork and fish double broth) or vegan mushroom paitan (roasted mushroom) for $10 – with additions available. I chose the tonkotsu-gyokai ramen and added pork chashu ($4), and an ajitama egg ($2). A cold saki accompanied.

Visually pleasing, the baby chives and greens were also a refreshing contrast. The broth was hearty, fishy, inviting. Stew-like with a noticeable dash of oil. I found myself savoring mouthfuls of broth between bites of soft noodles. I wasn’t the only one enjoying myself, either. Behind me, at tables, as the night was coming to a close, the buzz of excitement was burgeoning.

Although it won’t be the only ramen place I visit from now on in Sacramento, Kodaiko Ramen & Bar is possibly highest on the list. Inspired work, chefs Takumi Abe and Billy Ngo. Your passion is felt in the dish!