Midtown Manhattan – my favorite place in the world.

Twenty-four hours and 10 miles walked — Wicked the Musical, Chicago the Musical, Central Park Zoo, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, The High Line, pilgrimage to the Stonewall Inn, Washington Square Park, and more in Midtown Manhattan.

Every time I visit the city I’m filled with renewed excitement and vigor for life. There’s something new on every corner.

I stayed at the Hudson Hotel near Columbus Circle and saw Wicked at the Gershwin Theater in the third row on the first night. The show was absolutely spectacular. The harmonies, splendid.

On the next day, a Monday, I walked my socks off and finished the day with a show at Chicago. Stopping at Times Square to end the night.

10 Mile Midtown Manhattan Walk

Not everyone wants to walk a full 10 miles, but if you do, I have a full day schedule you could follow. Making stops at some of the best offered in the city!

If you want to know the specifics of my Monday Midtown Manhattan Walk on a Monday, here are the details of each stop (might not be possible with young children all in one day):

  • Columbus Circle
  • Gapstow Bridge
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Empire State Building
  • Madison Square Garden
  • The High Line
  • Greenwich Village
  • Stonewall Inn
  • Olio e Piu
  • Washington Square Park
  • Madison Square Park
  • Chicago at the Ambassador Theater
  • Times Square

And that’s that!

If you walk the above, with a stop at the top of the Empire State Building, I’m sure you’ll be pretty tired.

As always, make sure to drink water along the way. I found I hadn’t had enough water halfway through the walking journey, due to the cool weather, and made sure to gulp down a few bottles of water.

What do you love most about NYC?

I love NYC for so many reasons.

The glamour. The night. The beauty. The lights.

There’s a non-stop flow of movement, life, and energy in Midtown Manhattan, and I think that’s why love it.

All things possible.