I’m not the most familiar with French cuisine, so visiting Brasserie Capitale Restaurant in Downtown Sacramento was high on the list.

Sitting outside for gorgeous, sunset light was my choice — so the inside atmosphere will be the next visit’s experience.

I started the meal with a classic French 75.

Crevettes Provencale was an initial starter. A dish filled with pan-seared shrimp, garlic, thyme, tomato, lemon, white wine and piment on grilled toast. Delicious. The fragrance of the sea and sweet. A touch of crunch with a touch of soft.

The pan-seared shrimp was a Brasserie Capitale restaurant favorite.

Crevettes Provencale at Brasserie Capitale Restaurant
Crevettes Provencale at Brasserie Capitale

The second started enjoyed was the deviled eggs.

Straight from the French kitchen, the deviled eggs were hearty with a touch of tang. Each eating a row, we were fighting for the last one.

Entrees at the Brasserie Capitale Restaurant

For entrees, we had the Risotto Du Jour with mushrooms and deconstructed Ratatouille. A side order of Gratin Dauphinois (Potato Gratin) was also placed to join the entrees.

I loved my risotto.

It’s risotto that’s allowed me to learn how to love mushrooms more. What’s not to love about something smothered in creamy, buttery rice? As with any good risotto, I was left wanting more.

I didn’t try the ratatouille but I was told it was also great. It looked colorful and tasty. The potatoes gratin were satiny — exactly what you would want from the Gratin Dauphinois dish.

A Perfect Finish

Although to end we didn’t have any other drinks, we quickly enjoyed an espresso post-meal.

Final verdict? We’ll be back to the Brasserie Capitale restaurant in Downtown Sacramento. I’ll need to add more French restaurants to my index before I can best compare, but so far, it’s a win.

Ratatouille at Brasserie Capitale Restaurant
Ratatouille at Brasserie Capitale
Gratin Dauphinois (Potato Gratin) at Brasserie Capitale Restaurant
Gratin Dauphinois (Potato Gratin) at Brasserie Capitale